Yong Sanga Co.,Ltd.Service Solution

Yong Sanga are recognized worldwide for quality of products and services. Each of our services are designed to help customers find a solution most suitable for their project with appropriate budget.


Our team of experienced professionals will help our customers plan their order, to ensure the best possible result from developing to distribution process.

Selected raw materials




Fitting and design


Fitting & Design Service

Because we know that everybody has different figures. Fitting and design service are objected to help customers find a suitable manufacturing solution to match the order.

Production Service

Yong Sanga offers comprehensive manufacturing solution and exceptional service for apparel industry. We invented PrePro programme to help customers locate a perfect solution for their order before manufacturing. With help from exclusive ERP system, “Next Byte”, we are able to monitor the process for all customers, from developing to production.

Quality Control

We have thorough quality control system that operated from screening materials to finalise end products. We also offer laboratory services to prove material properties e.g. moisture, strength, stretch, shrinkage and bleeding rate.

On Time Delivery

Our delivery network offers local and worldwide well-regulated delivery service. With worldwide partnership with well-known forwarder companies, products are guaranteed to reach the destination on time.

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