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Yong Sanga, a famed apparel supplier for over 50 years.

Yong Sanga Co.,Ltd. , established in Thailand since 1967, we are an experienced supplier of fashion garments, sportswear, uniforms, pet clothing, accessories and promotional clothing such as caps, scarves and jackets.
Approved by respected designers and brands, we are recognized for manufacturing high quality products. Thanks to our leading manufacturing technology and strong teamwork, that allow us to create wearable objects of art in the form of high quality garments that fit your budget.
To stimulate positive enthusiasm in the high-end apparel segment, Yong Sanga offers professional support and information for young designers. We aim to help them discover their identity and actualized their original concept.

"At Yong Sanga, Clothing are made to display the inner self of its wearer. "


We grow together with pride.



Yong Sanga was founded and publicly supplied apparel products in Thailand.


Expanded its manufacturing facility

In reposnse to the booming market, the company has expanded its manufacturing facility and purchased an innovative machineries from abroad to support the increasing and challenging demand.


The company was chosen by reknown designers

The company was chosen by reknown designers and leading brands to manufacture their products.


Yong Sanga has all the system needed

With the innovative technology and facility we have, Yong Sanga has all the system needed to dominate in the apparel manufacturing industry.

Yong Sanga Co.,Ltd.

Standards & Certifications

In response to increasing demand and higher inventory level in apparel market,
Yong Sanga has successfully developed proficient management scheme and manufacturing system that completed international standard regulations and certifications from world leading institutes.

Why Choose Us

Experience and expertise

High quality products made from experiences and knowhow to create a wearable display of craftsmanship.

Mastery of details

Each construction is executed delicately using sophisticated techniques to produce high quality product within a strict timeline.


We offer services that address our customers’ demands and driven to provide channels to help customers overcome manufacturing complications. Furthermore, We have the capacity to respond to varied sizes of order.

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